Have A Cow

by Wood Chickens

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released November 28, 2014

Written and produced by Wood Chickens.
Mixed and mastered by Tyler Peterson.
Artwork by Terrence Adeyanju.

Performed by:
Alex Reilly
Griffin Pett
Tyler Peterson

Additional guitars and synth in Track 7 by Max Arthur.
Recorded in Madison, WI in 2014.




Wood Chickens Madison, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Prairie Fire
Well I have known some people that I don't know too well now
And I am in the story but don't know what it's about
'Cause I was born a monkey
And I became a man
And that is something that nobody seems to understand

I see them everywhere I go
Strangers that resemble the people that I know

Well dying's really easy but the livin' ain't too hard
And I can't tell the people from the chickens in the yard
And I can't go to sleep 'cause I am way too tired
Of thoughts that ravage through my head just like a prairie fire

I see them everywhere I go
Oh know
Track Name: Seahorses Forever
Our universe forever changing
At least that's the way it seems to be
Reforming, rearranging
On the land, air, and sea
Collapsing and expanding
Every second of the day
But seahorses are forever
And forever they will be
Track Name: Bob, Can You Help Me Out?
Track Name: Have A Cow
I don't know if I was born to kill
But if I was would you be my friend still?
I started with the dog, moved up to mom and dad
And I don't know why I did it but I didn't feel that bad

Ain't no use in hidin'
Ain't no use to run
'Cause there ain't no place for hidin'
Under this here sun from me

I don't know and baby, I don't care
If you think that I've gone crazy and you think I'm not aware
I've become a demon and I'm living in my head
And if you see me cryin' it's because Jim henson's dead

Don't think of what you're doing
Don't think of what you've done
'Cause the whole point of killin'
Is just to have some fun (and be on TV)
Track Name: Death Rides A Horse
I try to beat the devil but I don't think that I can
If a can could give me wisdom I would drink from that can

Death rides a horse
And on my trail he rides
Death rides a horse
And he's kicking up the dust in my eyes

Something isn't right
Something is amiss
'Cause I ain't never taken a ride like this

Death rides a horse
And on my trail he rides
Death rides a horse
And he's kicking up the dust in my eyes
Track Name: Take Shelter
Take shelter in your head
Take shelter in your mind
Something to lay within
Something to hide behind

Take shelter in your head
Anywhere that you can find
You can find escape within
Any open heart or mind
Track Name: Alligator
Feed my alligator

Don't save none for later
Track Name: Earthling
I hate sports

I love cats
Track Name: Wood Chickens Theme
We are wood chickens
Not raised for slaughter
As feral as can be

We know no fences
We know no boundaries
Our bodies and minds are free